I remember taking a book I was reading at a time, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich to my neighbors apartment and she was like this books sha, I don’t believe in them. So somebody would just think and grow rich like that.

I didn’t know what to tell her but I know I wasn’t in the mood to renew my membership of the convincing ministry, so I think I just joined her to watch the TV program till I was able to get back into my privacy to continue my book.

That’s the attitude of most people to books. They want immediate results but it doesn’t always work that way.

But can I tell you that everything you are reading is storing up and you will need that storehouse.

One day, when you are searching for an idea, it’s usually on that stored repository that your spirit picks on, but when there is nothing to pick from, the struggle lingers for much longer, so if you still struggle to read, start with something you enjoy, just make an habit of it and eventually your quest for knowledge just begins to expand and it’s a never ending process that continues to pay dividends and helps you to distinguish yourself from the “masses”

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