“The Labourers are without employment. The merchants have few customers. Their farmers are unable to sell their produce. The people have not enough gold to buy food.”


That does sound like a recession.

Yes, it happened in the Babylonian days too and it got the king worried, that he asked the chancellor “But where has all the gold gone that we spent for these great improvements?”


“It has found its way, I fear/’ responded the Chancellor, into the possession of a very few rich men of our city. It filtered through the fingers of most of our people as quickly as the goat’s milk goes through the strainer.”


The king was thoughtful for some time. “Why should so few men be able to acquire all the gold?”

“Because they know how”, replied the Chancellor.


Do you know how to acquire and grow wealth?

Dangote knows how, Otedola knows how, Jeff Bezos knows how.

These are principles that have been tested through time.

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“But why? demanded the king, should not all the people learn how to accumulate gold and therefore become themselves rich and prosperous”

What a thoughtful king, you might say.

“Quite possible, your excellency. But who can teach them?”

Certainly not a Dangote or a Jeff Bezos.

These are busy men, and even if they do, how many people can they get to.

But you can learn from them by reading their books and the books they read.

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“Who knows best in all our city how to become wealthy, Chancellor?” asked the king.

“The question asked, answers itself, your majesty. Who has amassed the greatest wealth in Babylon?”

“Well said, my able Chancellor. It is Arkad, the Richest Man In Babylon. Bring him before me on the morrow”

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  • to engage your mind to actively desire wealth and be willing to do anything honourable to achieve it.
  • to leverage on your relationships, brought by your apprenticeship and the work you do for rich people, to learn how they built their wealth.
  • to master your finances by first being consistent with daily habits of successful people.
  • to discern real opportunities from get rich quick schemes that is always lurking to lure the unsuspecting and make him lose his hard-earned money.
  • to invest properly with the right people, in the right places and under the right guidance.
  • to prepare and position yourself properly for the right opportunity.

And not just these, you will also learn:

  • the value of being proactive, applying wisdom and networking properly.
  • to value and support other people and the benefits of doing that.
  • how to control your expenditure and pay debts the right way without losing your livelihood.
  • how to know the right debt to incur and the one to avoid.

In summary, the book provides extremely practical steps that you can employ (today) to take control of your financial situation, all told in beautifully crafted stories and straight talk that also make it an invaluable gift for your growing child.