There is something about books that opens you up to world perspectives.

A lot of things we struggle with in our finances has solutions contained in books.

By reading a few pages per day, you’ve already entered into the 10% of the population.

You might not know the impact it’s having immediately, but as you continue in it, you will notice ideas building up in your mind from time to time.

Combine this with your hustle and you would save yourself a lot of agony of wasted time.

Wealth Beyond Your Lifetime In Simple Steps. Price: N1000
Wealth Beyond Your Lifetime in Simple Steps (EBook)
  • It is revealed in this Book:

    ✅ how an artisan became a multi-billionaire.

    ✅ how to translate the wealth in your mind into physical wealth.

    ✅ how to handle the pressure of loaning money to family and friends.

    ✅ the best question to ask a wealthy person.

    ✅ how you can set yourself up to still build wealth even though you are far gone in age.

    ✅ how to avoid struggles (or slavery) because of perpetual unpaid debt.

    ✅ how to pay debts without losing your livelihood.

    ✅ how to fortify your mental strength to get past all odds on your way to building wealth.

    ✅ how to leverage on consistent habits to build wealth.

    Wealth Beyond Your Lifetime In Simple Steps explores all these and more within beautifully crafted and easily digestible stories that you and your children, nephews and nieces would also enjoy reading.

    This book also teaches on:

    ✅ the better option between working wholeheartedly or shirking work,

    ✅ relying on luck as a means of acquiring wealth or preparing for an opportunity to be lucky,

    ✅ the benefits of first acquiring money handling wisdom before deploying a major amount of money, and

    ✅ the mystery behind money attracting money (why the rich keep getting richer).

If you like The Richest Man In Babylon, then you will like this book as it uncovers all the wisdom in the iconic wealth book in Plain English.

PRICE: N1,000 OR $3