Your Book Will Sell

All these “cut and sew” self-acclaimed online coaches that gather lectures from different people, cut and edit, then package it into a new one and teach it to others at a very token amount, even when they have not deployed the skills in any real business themselves.

They are sure not getting my money!

Have you ever thought like this?

You are not the only one. I have too.

Another question that always crosses my mind is “if they were really making six figures, would they keep shouting at the top of their voices on social media asking new people to come and enroll?”

Oh! You think that too?

You see you are not alone.

I will share my personal experience.

But before I do that, wait a minute.

There are coaches and there are coaches.

Some are cut and sew like I described above, and others really know their onions, been there and done that, and only now feel the need to impart others with their knowledge.

Be that as it may, value is exchanged on both the affordable online classes and the more expensive ones.

In fact, without those affordable trainings, some people would never have access to the knowledge and network they need to move from point A to Point B.

Some trainings from seasoned and practicing professionals who have been there and done that actually cost a significant fee.

We’re talking 100’s of thousands, even millions of naira.

I remember checking out what it would cost to be a part of Leke Alder’s paid mentorship, it came to millions of naira if I remember correctly.

So, if you can’t afford that, then you should definitely go for these cheaper ones.

But if you say you are not ready to give your “hard earned “N1000” to any trainer, then it’s either you’re satisfied with your available streams of income or you’re just not ready for any change yet.

The sad part is if you continue to look for giveaways when you could invest a few thousands in yourself and begin your journey to changing your own circumstance so that in a few years, you can be the one giving things away which is one of the attributes of a wealth mindset.

However, for those that have or intend to take a chance, I must add two caveats.

  1. There is a point you must narrow trainings down to only those that matter because jumping from one training to another on diverse areas, without settling down to implement what has been learnt in previous trainings is asking for confusion in the online world.
  1. You shouldn’t expect to be taught everything in a N2000 online class (you’ll definitely have to do extra personal study), but you’ll definitely get value for your money.

It might just be a seed you’ll get from the class like I did get when I joined The Navigate Waiting Room, created by Barrister Ask’yah Otonte.

Now to my story.

When Covid – 19 hit and affected jobs, mine inclusive, it was one of those trainings that started to throw light on some other options I could pursue to augment my income.

I went into writing e-books, my first being Wealth Beyond Your Lifetime In Simple Steps, and some other projects, among which are my Wealth Mastery Whatsapp Class, and this E-Commerce Website.

From the same online community, I also got a few speaking engagements to youths, and I continue to mingle and work with people of like minds which has really helped my mindset and continue to open more opportunities, like when I applied for and was finally selected for Subomi Plumptre’s Investment Course (which has been a tremendous addition to me), I had been rejected from earlier, just by filling out some of my newest projects on the application form.

So, continuing about the online community I joined, one of the very great people I was introduced to (through his book) on the platform was Emeka Nobis, whose book – Grow your Platform (you can get in touch through the Contact Form to get my reviewed version of this book), we had reviewed on the group.

I poured myself into the book and the author’s style of writing and teaching was really relatable.

I’d to find out what made him thick,

I followed him on Facebook and began reading up anything I could read up on him online.

I realized he had written a book in the past that didn’t sell so well, which made him take a step back, attend more trainings, then relaunched after 6 years and that was when another eBook he authored did N3million in 90 days.

He’s currently hosting us in his online academy: Your Book Will Sell and I highly recommend this course to every upcoming and current author who wants his or her book to sell like wildfire devouring a dry forest.

The idea of selling valuable knowledge is also a very good way of raising initial capital to put into other projects, So you might not want to completely write off the idea of enrolling for the Your Book Will Sell online academy, even if you are not yet an author but it’s something you would like to consider as a means of raising funds for your next project.

The Your Book Will Sell online academy will show you how you can launch a book, market it and make lots of money from your published book.

Click the link above for details about the cost.

  • The Online training consist of 37 video teachings by great authorities, that are only available to elite audiences.

    Your Book Will Sell

  • 25 eBooks on various subjects.
  • You will also get the printed “Your Book Will sell” book shipped to you in any part of Nigeria.
  • As an extra bonus, I would also throw in a copy of my eBook: Wealth Beyond Your Lifetime In Simple Steps.

Your meal is now served, come and join us to learn so that 2021 will not be another tale of aborted missions.

Abi you no like daily alerts in your bank account months after you create your book?

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